Acropolis Pharmaceutical (アクロポリス製薬 akuroporisu seiyaku) is the company run by Reina Mayuzumi. Acropolis is well known for creating various medications and serums.


Acropolis Pharmaceuticals is a company run by President Reina Mayuzumi. It is responsible for creating various medications and serums, such as the famed serum that can instantly treat the seven original strains of GUILT.

Association with Caduceus USAEdit

In Under The Knife 2, Acropolis Pharmaceuticals and Caduceus USA become partners in an attempt to research and develop possible treatments for GUILT. President of the company, Reina Mayuzumi asks Derek Stiles to help her with a few experiments. These experiments included connecting amino acids and being monitored during an operation while using the Healing Touch.

Partnership with Hands of AsclepiusEdit

After the establishment of the Hands of Asclepius, a partnership between the HOA and Acropolis Pharmaceuticals is established. Patrick Mercer and Reina Mayuzumi both having hidden intentions, cooperate to create and research Neo-GUILT steroids, used to enhance the performance of the human body, while creating the GUILT serum to disguise their true intentions.

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