"No matter how hard you try, you cannot overcome the power of death!"

Erich "Adam" von Raitenau is a main antagonist in Under the Knife and Second Opinion.


Adam was born as Erich von Raitenau in Austria in 1897.

Adam believed that modern advances in medicine were defying natural selection, and that infectious diseases were a "blessing" to mankind, which deserved the "gift" of death. Some people believe that the GUILT hosted in Adam's body had a side effect of delirium while being in symbiosis, keeping him alive, similar to how Stigma hosted by Master Vakhushti, which was first used to treat a diencephalic sclerosis, caused delirium in its host.

Adam and Delphi

Adam was the central leader of the medical terrorist group Delphi, the organization responsible for the release of GUILT to the public.

Adam sustained his life in the Delphi headquarters located in the Pacific Ocean. He was the main operator in releasing the disease to the public, believing they will receive the "blessing" of disease, and they will be eradicated.

After the raid on the Delphi base, Caduceus Europe kept him cryogenically preserved, and parts of Adam's body were used in order to create new medicine, such as the Z-cells used to regenerate tissue rapidly.

Caduceus Europe call in Caduceus USA for a conference on the subject, which results in a full-scale GUILT outbreak. Adam's body was destroyed after a the outbreak.


Adam was being kept alive by a special GUILT called Bliss.

Bliss is the only strain not operated on, and is believed to be the deadliest GUILT ever created as it contains genetics of all 7 GUILT.

Only Adam's body contained Bliss, and it enabled him to sustain suspended animation as a host to the parasitical GUILT types.


  • Given how long ago he was born, Adam was approximately 121 years old when he "died."
  • In Under the Knife 2, in Delphi's mansion hideout, there is a picture of Adam in the room where Heinrich stands.