"My son... Forgive me... I was enticed by the Devil...!" - Albert to CR-S01

Professer Albert Sartre (1962-2018), was a professor of virology at Cumberland College and the adoptive father of Rosalia and CR-S01.


Albert was the person responsible for the Cumberland College Incident, though the incident was blamed on CR-S01. He was the first person to discover and contract the Rosalia Virus, leading to his constant use of antiviral medication. He studied the virus and Rosalia's blood, believing that he could re-engineer its selective destructive qualities to cure every disease in existence, but eventually realized that the rampant aspects of the virus could not be overcome. The infection slowly drove him insane (as several Forensics victims had exhibited), and to prevent the disease from spreading, he shot and killed its host, Rosalia, though not in cold blood. Ironically, his actions allowed for the Rosalia Virus to spread, via the vector of monarch butterflies shedding scales on their migration route to Lake Erie.

Albert died from the Rosalia Virus due to an attack that led to a lethal amount of blood loss from massive hemorrhaging throughout his body. Presumably dying alone two years prior to the Rosalia pandemic, he begged his son for forgiveness with his dying breath. His remains are discovered in the Back Cove area of Portland during the quarantine, and are taken into government custody for examination. The Marine researcher assigned to the autopsy began to exhibit strange symptoms, causing Jacob Tillman to call for Gabriel Cunningham's assistance in identifying the pathogen carried by the bones. Gabe smuggled the remains out of the government facility and brought them to Resurgam, where he, Naomi Kimishima, and Little Guy were able to reassemble the remains and deduce his identity.

Due to his accent and name, one can deduce that Albert is either French or of French descent.


  • If you listen closely, different characters pronounce his last name, Sartre, in different ways. For instance, Naomi Kimishima pronounces it like "Sart" and Little Guy pronounces it like "Sarter."
  • Sartre's name may have been derived from Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, who were friends that had a falling-out because of a difference in opinion on beliefs.