"You worked so become...a doctor... I'm going to try hard...too..."

Amy Chase is the younger sister of Tyler Chase, and the first Deftera patient Derek operates on.

Design Edit

Amy's age is not directly stated, but she appears to be prepubescent. In Under the Knife, she has purple hair tied into two pigtails, and wears a green coat.

Her design was altered somewhat in Second Opinion, so that she still has pigtails but is now a brunette. She is shown wearing a yellow button-up top (presumably hospital pajamas).

Personality Edit

Amy is very much a typical child. She complains to Tyler on her first appearance that she hasn't been doing her homework because it's boring. However, she's also remarkably brave, pleading for Tyler to do the operation and saying she's going to work hard at getting better.

Profile Edit

Prior to story events, Amy contracted the first reported case of Deftera in the stomach and lungs. She has been hospitalized at Caduceus for two years, with Leslie Sears as her nurse. Her condition has been steadily worsening in that time. It is mentioned that the other doctors were never able to do much for her. Stephen Clarks operated on Amy at one point, but was only able to thin out some of her tumors.

Under the Knife/ Second Opinion Edit

Shortly after Derek discovers Tyler is practicing euthanasia, Tyler takes him to the Recovery Ward to meet Amy for the first time. It is revealed that Tyler plans to euthanize her, as most of the staff believes she will not recover. When her condition worsens, he initially refuses to let Derek operate on Amy. However, she overhears, and pleads with him to reconsider even as she gasps for breath. Tyler realizes he has not considered Amy's feelings, and allows Derek to operate.

At the end of the game, Angie is shown telling Amy she will be able to go home soon.

Under the Knife 2 Edit

Amy does not reappear in Under the Knife 2, although Tyler briefly mentions her. He expresses concern that she will contract PGS (but presumably she does not, as he doesn't bring up the subject again).

Trivia Edit

  • Amy is shown to be staying in room 305 of the Recovery Ward.
  • According to the briefing in Under the Knife, she is 119.9 cm (47.2 inches) tall and weighs 60.4 lbs. However, in Second Opinion, the briefing states she is 54.2 inches (137.7 cm) tall and weighs 70.4 lbs. It is not known why this change was made.
  • Though her age is never given, she is around the average height and weight for a nine- or ten-year-old girl.

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