An Explosive Patient is Episode 3-6 of Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Second Opinion.



Under the KnifeEdit

Under the Knife Version

First, use the magnification tool on the water tanks. Then, using the drain, drain some water from the tank on the right and transfer it to the tank on the left (slide the stylus down the drain after you position it). This is supposed to help buy time (though the time limit display does not change here).

Next, shift magnification to the dynamite, and use the forceps to remove the dynamite triggers. However, after 2 triggers are removed, the temperature of the dynamite begins to increase - this can be kept under control by spreading antibiotic gel or injecting stabilizer on the dynamite. After removing all the triggers, you will need to trace the wires from the dynamite to the control chips, and use the laser to destroy the correct chips. Destroying the wrong chip will set off the bomb, while destroying the correct one will stop the temperature of its corresponding dynamite stick from going up.

After the correct chips are destroyed, the bomb goes crazy, and you have 15 seconds to use the scalpel to cut only the red wires. The Healing Touch can be used here, but is not recommended. Cutting any white ones will also detonate the bomb immediately.

Second OpinionEdit

Second Opinion Version

The bomb needs to be opened first by unscrewing the screws on the lid with the scalpel. You only have 3 mistakes you can make before the bomb detonates. Using the magnification tool on a certain spot on the lid will reveal the ways in which the screws need to be turned to remove.

After the lid is opened, the core will be revealed, but fully protected. You will need to use the forceps to adjust the voltage supplied to the core, so as to reduce the strength of protection. Once done, the panels guarding the core will be vulnerable to attack with the laser, but take care not to attack any ones which are flashing red.

After destroying all the panels with the laser, the core will be revealed, but will also generate several rings of flashing red panels to defend itself. You have 30 seconds to destroy the core without touching the panels - doing so will detonate the bomb immediately. The Healing Touch can be used here to make it easier to aim at the core.

Special BonusesEdit