Annie Fisher is a professional tennis player in Under the Knife 2. Her fame is largely attributed to her quick rise in ranks amongst other professionals. However, she soon began experiencing abdominal pains and had it examined - it was largely due to the formation of lacerations in her small intestine.

In addition to these, chiral reactions (a common symptom of GUILT infections) were soon discovered, and the reactions did not match any GUILT strain. Annie was flown in to Caduceus USA for treatment, with her details kept confidential. It was later discovered that the cause of the lacerations is the Neo-GUILT Bythos, and it was quickly treated by Derek Stiles, despite it being a blind operation.

When she is questioned about how she was infected, she admits that her coach gave her a supplement that helped improve her core strength and motor skills, and that the supplements were produced by Acropolis Pharmaceuticals.

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