"There is one final GUILT... the one called 'Bliss'.  Those who abandon selfish desires and follow the true way... will be granted this final blessing, born within me." -Adam
"You just want to watch people die!" -Derek Stiles

Bliss is the eighth strain of GUILT. It acts as a human body and inhabits the leader of Delphi, Adam. It is highly suggested that the sixth chapter of Trauma Center: Second Opinion involves Bliss being used by Caduceus Europe as a healing serum, codenamed "Z-Cells", however, this is not confirmed.

Bliss is the only GUILT not to follow the naming pattern of the Greek days of the week, and it is the only GUILT that is not operated on. Naomi Kimishima doubts that the Z-Cells could help anyone, since GUILT was created to kill people, not to help them. Her theory was proven when the room was infected with GUILT when a Z-Cell receiver was injured, causing his blood to spray across the room.

It is rumored that Bliss was a special GUILT (maybe researched before the seven other strains) made for Adam to help him to live. It is believed that Bliss controls Adam's body and maybe it is the reason that he created GUILT. Bliss also seems to carry the genetics of all 7 GUILT, as the Z-Cell-infected patient ended up infecting several people with various strains of GUILT.

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