• Govitz147

    Hello fans of Trauma Center games,

    Heres a petition to bring back the franchise, I encourage everyone to sign it if you would like another game. Hopefully we can convince Atlus and Nintendo.

    Bring Back the Trauma Center Franchise

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  • ReDragoon Lucas


    August 21, 2015 by ReDragoon Lucas

    I know that CR-SO1 is the only playable surgeon in the series that cannot use Healing Touch and i can see in his Twisted Rosalia operation his hands glow red. But, considering his ability to flawlessly do surgery that is near impossible, is it possible that he is not just have an ordinary Healing Touch but instead he is Asclepius' incarnation?

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  • A231

    Essentially, in 6-5 of Second Opinion Kimishima says that Derek can operate on a Contagious GUILT patient because he previousley had GUILT (if you don't remember, he had PARASKEVI AND KYRIAKI), so he was able to operate a PEMPTI patient without getting infected. (Kimishima would probably get infected if she operated, that's another reason to let you operate as Derek)

    But then how did Emilio die in UtK2? He was infected with GUILT, so he had the antibodies, and so he couldn't get even INFECTED by kyriaki, but still, he got infected and died afterwards.

    So, how did he die????

    I think they fucked up something a lot, even if this couldn't change A LOT the plot, still Emilio wouldn't die and Derek wouldn't lose faith in the first place.

    If you read…

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  • Girlgamer27

    Typos, anyone?

    November 19, 2014 by Girlgamer27

    Anyone noticed any typos in the games?

    The only one I've seen is in Trauma Team, in the episode "Friends".

    Hank's voice actor says "We can't let our guard down until we've closed him up. Let's go."

    But the text says "We can't let our guards down until we've closed him up. Let's go."

    Ok this is just too funny to pass up.

    Edit/comment with a typo, and make sure the form goes like this:

    What Typo you found and who says it, what game the typo is in, and what level it's in. ((If able to edit, make sure to add your wikia name.))

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  • SourPatchKids

    Clean-up project!

    July 21, 2011 by SourPatchKids

    So, I've made it my personal mission to clean-up this entire wiki! Yep, all 177+ articles! Expect to see my name a lot in the 'Recent Edits' page! C= Wish me luck!

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  • Offal123

    Hi, im Angel I played trauma team and beated all the levels and finished the whole game with all the docter medals if you need help for any level leave a message for i could make a walkthrough of it

    Oh by the way if you need help one proud one search it and you could look at my walkthrough thanks :)

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