"It is the Neo-GUILT - the true hands of Asclepius - that will guide us to the new age! Those incapable of symbiosis with GUILT will wither away... No one can stop this!" -Patrick Mercer
"GUILT brings us nothing but death! Your so-called "new age" is the end of mankind!" -Derek Stiles

Bythos (Greek for "depth") is a Neo-GUILT that resembles a 4-leaf clover with an eye. It is known as "the Profundity of the Abyss". Bythos is designed to improve bodily functions and motor skills, and was used on Annie Fisher to improve her game performance.

Patrick Mercer also used Bythos in an attempt to revive his wife from a coma, but it failed and Bythos was removed to save her.


Stage Information
Pre-Bythos Lacerations are present in the organ and must be sutured.


Bythos with shell broken

Bythos will produce four lacerations without lowering vitals. Afterward, Bythos will move across the organ, and randomly attacks. Bythos will create 3-4 lacerations, and will sometimes "warp", producing a hemorrhage where it used the attack, and lacerations at its new location.

Bythos can only be damaged by using the laser. Once enough damage is dealt, Bythos's shell will break apart, and release spores that orbit the core. The core must then be extracted with the forceps, but in the process it must not come into contact with the spores or the shell. Doing so will register as a miss, and the shell will merge again. If the player takes too long to extract the core, the shell will merge anyway.

As the player continues to extract the core, Bythos will keep regenerating - however with each successful extraction the core changes colour, from blue to purple to red, before finally ending in Bythos's defeat.

Aletheia Bythos Aletheia Bythos appear to do nothing, but they'll be creating hematoceles. A good strategy is to laser two Aletheia Bythos at a time and remove them two at a time, injecting the antibiotic into Aletheia twice (taking out two Bythos at a time should allow enough time for two injections), and then repeating that process until all of the cores are extracted, treating any ruptured hematoceles on the way. Another strategy is to laser them all in the same place, so checking for hemorrhages isn't as much of a pain. Using the ultrasound all over will take up a lot of your time, and by the time you've scanned the area, there might be another hemorrhage that formed when you were checking other areas.

Bythos OperationsEdit

Episode Patient Organ Type of Bythos Other GUILT Present
7-1: Secret Patient Annie Fisher Small intestine Bythos None
7-6: The Altar Tracy Mercer Left lung Bythos None
7-7: Mother of Sins Reina Mayuzumi Heart Aletheia Bythos Aletheia
X-5: Bythos Unnamed woman Small intestine Bythos None
X-7: Aletheia Unnamed woman Heart Aletheia Bythos Aletheia


Attack Usable By Information
Lacerate Bythos Bythos creates three or four lacerations.
Teleport Bythos Bythos teleports and reappears at a different location, and creates a hemorrhage at the disappearance, and a few lacerations at the reappearance.
Regenerate Bythos If the player takes too long to extract the core after the shell is split, or if the core comes into contact with a spore or shell fragment, Bythos will regenerate.
Hemmorrhage Aletheia Bythos While moving around Aletheia, Aletheia Bythos create hemorrhaging.


  • Dealing with Bythos requires a balanced focus both on attacking and treating wounds it produces. Any injury Bythos creates, especially internal hemorrhages, should be treated as a first priority over attacking, so interspersed laser attacks when two or three lacerations remain are suggested. Prepare an injection of stabilizer prior to attacks made by Bythos when otherwise unoccupied.
  • In Mother of Sins, Aletheia Bythos will not create hemorrhages until Angie says they don't seem to be doing anything.
  • Completing the laser treatment near the bottom right corner makes removal of Bythos's core to the foreign object tray much easier, because the tray itself renders spores and shell fragments beneath it ineffective. Gauge how much more laser exposure will be required to disable Bythos, and treat wounds until Bythos enters this area, then finish the laser treatment.
  • Rather than injecting stabilizer frequently during Bythos's attacks, save one or two injections for periods in which it has been rendered dormant by the laser. Bythos will not recover immediately, and it is safe to leave the core unattended until its shell begins moving if the treatment is rendered near the foreign object tray. Try not to finish laser treatments when wounds are present, since it will reduce the time you have to act, and/or your patient's vitals.
  • Bythos produces three different colors of spores, which each behave differently. The blue color cycles slowly, the yellow at a faster pace, while the green spore slowly bounces around and follows the core when it is picked up. The outermost ring of blue spores generally rotates in the opposite direction of the rest.
  • An unusual method of treating Bythos is to "warp" the core away from the spores. A little known fact is that if you have 2 objects, usually 2 styli, touching the screen, then whatever you're holding or using will be used in the middle of the 2 styli. You can use this to your advantage; first pick up the core with one of the styli, then "warp" it by putting the second stylus on the screen, preferably away from the spores. Then, let go with the first stylus, and the core will warp to the stylus away from the cores, leaving you to put it on the tray much easier.
  • If you're having trouble keeping up with the lacerations, then simply let them be there. The vitals will drop a little more, but when 8 lacerations are present Bythos can't make any more, and no more internal hemorrhages either. It will just do some vital damage instead. Putting antibiotic gel on the wounds is essential in this strategy, so the vitals don't drop too quickly. The only downside is that you most likely not get the Chain Combo bonus at the end of the operation.
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