Caduceus on a Plane(SO) / Miracle at 9,800ft(UtK) is Episode 3-8 of Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Second Opinion.


Derek and Angie's plane trip is interrupted with an on-flight emergency. Derek has to work on a patient suffering from respiratory failure while working around intermittent turbulence.


The operation concerns packets of fluid located within the patient's lung. Find them with the ultrasound, excise, drain, and close the wound with gel. If the fluid is left unattended for too long, inflammation will occur and must be treated.

This simple operation is complicated by turbulence. The first instance of turbulence is demonstrated in a mid-op cutscene. From then on, you are given appropriate warning of incoming turbulence. Do not use any tools on the patient while turbulence is occurring, or it will create a laceration and count as a Miss. If you have any un-drained pleural fluid when turbulence happens, it will spill all over the place and cause more inflammation.

This operation is very lenient with mistakes in Under the Knife as you have to work as fast as you can to get the S rank. Second Opinion offers no margin for error, so bust out the Healing Touch to ensure minimal interruptions.

Special BonusesEdit


  • No Healing Touch
  • Operation complete before 5 jolts
  • Inflammation remained below 10
  • 3 COOL's earned


  • No mistakes: 1000
  • Operation complete before [7/5/5] jolts: 500
  • Inflammation remained below [10/6/3]: 300
  • Completed with [120/180/210] left: 200

Operation RankEdit


  • S:5200~


  • C:~5999
  • B:5700~6199
  • A:6200~6599
  • S:6600~6799
  • XS:6800~

Getting XS in SOEdit

The best you can do is work safely and swiftly enough to avoid mistakes. You only have enough time to treat three pockets of fluid before turbulence occurs. With thirteen pockets of fluid to drain, a pace of three at a time should get you to finish before the fifth jolt.

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