Cheir is the first strain of Stigma encountered in New Blood.

Cheir is the Greek word for "hand." Like Kyriaki, after opening the patient up, there will be some lacerations on the organ due to Cheir's attacks. Lloyd Wilkens is the first victim of Cheir.


Stage Information
Pre-Cheir Before Cheir is treatable, the many lacerations already present on the affected organ must be sutured. After all of the lacerations have been sutured, Cheir will finally appear.

Basic cheir

Stage 1 Cheir.

Immature Cheir is to be treated almost exactly like Kyriaki, keeping in mind there are a few minor differences. The only way to defeat Immature Cheir is with continued lasering, like Kyriaki; however, Cheir requires much more exposure to the laser compared to Kyriaki. There will be 3-4 "waves" of Immature Cheir.

Fused Cheir


Fused Cheir

As the final wave of Immature Cheir appears, 2 of them will fuse to form a Fused Cheir. This takes even more laser exposure than an Immature Cheir to be defeated, and is capable of creating 6 lacerations in an asterisk pattern.

Mutated Cheir Some Cheir operations will feature Immature Mutated Cheir for the second wave. The mutated forms only have different attack capabilities; everything else remains the same. These attacks include forming a large laceration and forming tumors.


Attack Used by Infromation
Lacerate Immature Cheir Immature Cheir creates a laceration.
Large Laceration Mutated Cheir Mutated Cheir dives into the organ before resurfacing, creating a large laceration in the process.
Tumor Creation Mutated Cheir Mutated Cheir shrieks and spins on the spot, before resuming its movement patterns. A tumor can be found where Mutated Cheir spun.
Asterisk Cut Fused Cheir Fused Cheir creates 6 lacerations in the shape of an asterisk around it.


New BloodEdit

Episode Host Organ Types
2-4: Stigma Lloyd Wilkens Heart Cheir
Fused Cheir
6-6: Signed in Blood Ramsey Ramirez Liver Cheir
Fused Cheir
Leland Phoenix Liver Cheir
Mutated Cheir
Fused Cheir
7-2: First Strike Unnamed Woman Pancreas Cheir
Mutated Cheir
Fused Cheir
A-4: Challenge 4 Simulation patient 4 Left lung Cheir
Fused Cheir
X-1: Cheir Unknown Pancreas Cheir
Mutated Cheir
Fused Cheir


  • Whenever Cheir is hit with the laser, it will be pushed back slightly in the opposite direction. This can be used as a tactic against Cheir by "pushing" it off of the affected organ, since Cheir cannot attack if it isn't on the organ.
  • The laser can also be held immediately in front of a Cheir that's travelling in a straight line, such that the Cheir will keep bumping into the laser, taking damage each time.
  • In addition, tapping the A button and using the laser in short bursts tends to be equally effective while reducing the amount of laser battery used up.
  • Cheir is immune to laser damage for a short while after an "Ok" is gained. Take this brief moment to tend to wounds or vitals instead of wasting the laser.
  • Applying antibiotic gel will drastically reduce Cheir's movement speed for a short period of time.
  • For those gunning for an XS, one may opt to keep Mutated Cheir alive longer to increase the Chain from the wounds created.
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