The disease, along with lacerations and subcutaneous bleeding.

The Costigar Disease is an infectious disease that has been spreading throughout the Republic of Costigar. In the beginning of Under the Knife 2, Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson were sent to Costigar to investigate the disease. Symptoms of the Costigar disease involve tissue scarring, a high fever, and subcutaneous bleeding. Known victims include the dead guerillas in Costigar, Kafi, a child soldier, and Adel Tulba.


Patients suffering from the Costigar Disease will have several lacerations across the abdomen when they are brought in for treatment, along with some smaller wounds and blood pools. After treating the skin, all that is left to do is to treat the internal hemorrhaging by locating them with the ultrasound and cutting them out.

While treating the internal hemorrhaging, sometimes more hemorrhages would appear during the treatment. As there can only be a maximum of 5 internal hemorrhages present, it is advisable to take some time to raise the patient's vitals after cutting out the bleeding, but before suturing the wounds.

Eventually, the bleeding will become so serious that the Healing Touch will be needed to properly treat it. After it is used successfully, there should be no further appearance of internal hemorrhages as you treat the ones already present.

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