The Cumberland College Incident was a mass casualty that occurred in the year 2012 (eight years prior to the Trauma Team storyline, in 2020), at the fictional Cumberland College in/around Portland, Maine. It is the crime for which CR-S01 was convicted, although inconclusively, carrying a sentence of 250 years in prison.

Albert Sartre, a professor of virology, and his adopted son and apprentice Erhard (later known as CR-S01), were both present at the time of the incident. The exact nature of the disaster is unclear, and details such as the number of victims vary, but what is known is that there was a massive freak breakout of some sort of pathogen that instantly killed a large number of people on the college campus. This is implied to have been enacted by lethal gases, or perhaps by airborne disease. Among the dead were Holden's wife, a professor at the college, and young daughter.

Flashbacks and vague references indicate that Erhard and his father had been doing experiments with lab rats, mostly with what appears to be the Rosalia Virus contained in syringes. The rats suffered massive, telltale black bruises and almost instant death by bleeding out. CR-S01's hazy recollection of the incident spoke of "mountains of corpses, blood everywhere", indicating that the campus may in fact have been the first site of widespread Rosalia virus pandemic.

Albert Sartre is shown to have injected his adopted son with an amnesia-inducing agent after the breakout, and left the boy behind to take the fall for the disaster, and then fled to Mexico with adopted daughter Rosalia to continue research on the pathogen in her blood. However, he shows incredible remorse for this act, as evidenced in Rosalia's extra audio clip.

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