Darnell Sellers is a nurse/recurring minor character in Trauma Team. In the First Response level "Maximum Annoyance", he assisted with the victims and at the end restrained Maria Torres when she lost her temper. He also assisted Tomoe and CR-S01 during the operation to save Alyssa. He is close friends with another minor character, Emma Wilson. Unlike Darnell who is serious and hard working, Emma sometimes gets distracted and flirts with CR-S01 after he saves Jacob Tillman. Darnell appeared, along with Emma and Esha Patel, at the mall after a bus crashed through the wall, arriving just in time to assist Maria with the wounded. Darnell's design looks similar to that of Derek Stiles, except thinner.

He also speaks in a British accent like Robert Cromwell from New Blood, so one could deduce that he comes from Britain.