Yellow, green, and purple Diverticulum

A diverticulum is a poison-filled polyp that Tetarti creates. They must be treated before the real battle with Tetarti starts. Diverticuli slowly swell in size. Once they reach full size they will begin dispersing toxins and harming the patient's vitals. Diverticuli can only be created when a Tetarti body is injected with the wrong antigen; if Tetarti is efficiently treated, mid-operation diverticuli will never be an issue.

They are treated by injecting the diverticulum with the antigen that matches its color. Then, before the antigen wears off, the diverticulum must be excised and removed promptly. The wound left behind must then be sealed with the synthetic membrane.


Diverticuli, in a general medical definition, are small outpouchings of an organ, developing from weakness in the organ lining. The large intestine is most vulnerable to developing diverticuli, with diverticulosis being the description of presence of diverticuli. Unlike with Tetarti, diverticulosis is relatively minor, but feces can collect in the diverticuli, predisposing to rectal bleeding or inflammation, and can perforate in severe cases.

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