Dr. Greg Kasal's surgical skill, coolness under pressure, and reliability earned him a position as Hope Hospital's Senior Surgeon. He's the manager of the office for all intents and purposes, and is a kind person. However, he takes his job very seriously, and expects others to do the same. He is the first to be infected with the fourth strain of GUILT, Tetarti. He is the identical twin brother to Sidney Kasal.


A man in his thirties, he has slicked-back brown hair with a goatee and hazel eyes. He wears a lab coat over a beige dress shirt and wears a green tie with yellow and black stripes.

In Under the Knife 2, he changed his appearance, changing his usual get-up to a brown suit.


The game's character introduction text describes him as strict and somewhat demanding of his subordinates. He is difficult to rattle.

According to Cybil, Greg is "one hell of a public speaker," as his confidence and lack of stage fright make him very comfortable speaking in front of others.


He went to med school with Cybil. The two helped each other during that time, and pulled some noteworthy all-nighters.

Under the Knife/ Second Opinion

Under the Knife 2

In Under the Knife 2, Greg is married to Cybil Myers and they have a baby daughter named Kari.


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