Hands of Asclepius (ゴッド・ハンド・プロジェクトGod Hand Project in the Japanese version) is an organization founded by Patrick Mercer that strives to create doctors with amazing surgical abilities, all of which are able to perform an artificial Healing Touch derived from Derek Stiles.


The Hands of Asclepius is an organization of doctors all able to perform surgical feats using an artifical version of Derek's Healing Touch. This organization of doctors also includes Adel Tulba, whose strange obsession with the Healing Touch attracts him to join the HOA and leave Caduceus USA.

The HOA becomes funded by the government, in which all GUILT investigation and research is turned over to the HOA, leaving all hospitals, including Caduceus USA understaffed.

Partnership with Acropolis PharmaceuticalsEdit

The Hands Of Asclepius is associated with Acropolis Pharmaceuticals , run by Reina Mayuzumi. Acropolis Pharmaceuticals is the company that is able to create the artifical Healing Touch, as well as several other medications that are able to enhance human performance, such as strength and speed.

It is later revealed that Acropolis Pharmaceuticals was using two of the four types of Neo-Guilt to enhance HOA doctors performance. The success of the Neo-GUILT in creating these 'special doctors' instills faith in Patrick Mercer that they will be able to save his wife Tracy Mercer.

Collapse of the HOAEdit

The HOA is dissolved when Patrick Mercer is shot and killed after unsuccessfully trying to use GUILT to bring his beloved wife back to consciousness. Dr. Tulba returns to Costigar to help aid his countries way back to peace. Full jurisdiction over research of GUILT is returned to Caduceus International.

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