"Hrm, rock solid!"

Dr. Hank Freebird is the orthopedic surgeon Trauma Team.

Hank is a former member of the United States Army's Special Forces Unit. He grew tired of taking lives and decided to save them by becoming a surgeon. When he's not working on an operation and a crime is happening in the city, he turns into a secret superhero and stops these crimes under the name of "Captain Eagle".

Hank saves a patient named Claire, who attempted suicide. It is revealed that he wishes to deliver the message that life is beautiful to those around him. While Claire is initially cold towards him, she eventually warms up to him. However, in the process, his superhero identity, "Captain Eagle", begins receiving bad press and he gets branded a hypocrite by many.

Hank decides to stop being a superhero, but during a trip to the mall with Claire, a shootout occurs, and Claire is shot in the process. Hank discovers that the culprit has bone cancer and has no hope of surviving. The man passes out, and Hank operates on him. He discovers soft tumors within the patient's spinal cord - while he was discouraged from removing them, he finds the resolve to treat the patient's tumors, hoping to give the man the hope he was denied at first.

After the operation, it turns out that Claire survived the incident, and Hank continues to fight crime as "Captain Eagle".


  • Hank's surname, Freebird, directly relates to Captain Eagle.
    • Eagles are birds symbolic of freedom (therefore, "Free" + "Bird" as in 'Freedom Bird' or 'Bird of Freedom')
  • Early concepts revealed in the Trauma Team artbook show that Hank's eye's were originally open, and that his eye colour is brown.
  • It is hinted several times that Claire Blunt actually likes Hank.