"Do you seriously believe you can defy the laws of nature that bring humanity its rightful death?"

Heinrich von Raitenau is one of the main villains of Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.

Heinrich became the new leader of Delphi after Adam died three years prior.

Like Adam, Heinrich planned to enter suspended animation with the GUILT he incubated, and unleash GUILT into the world years after he was declared dead.

Heinrich has two children: Karl and Christine. They, along with Heinrich, are operated on in "Tragedy" after Adel injects the anti-GUILT serum into them, causing the GUILT inside their bodies to activate.

Heinrich was incubating Tetarti, while Karl and Christine were incubating Kyriaki and Pempti, respectively.


Heinrich's two children, due to their Austrian nationality, speak German. Here is the translated dialogue during their appearance in the game:

Speaker German English
Karl Wer sind sie? Who are you?
Karl Vater...Vater...! Father...Father...!
Christine Aua! Ich habe Magenschmerzen! Agh! I have a stomachache!



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