"Cry, if you want to. It's all a part of growing up."

Holden is a main supporting character in Trauma Team. He is introduced as the FBI representative who provides CR-S01 the opportunity to work off his 250-year prison sentence by performing difficult surgeries.

Background Edit

His past and motivation in regards to CR-S01 is revealed piecemeal. Maria Torres questions him about a photo in his wallet, that he was reflecting on during a procedure. He explains it is his daughter, who "would have been 14 now", and that she had passed away along with his wife eight years prior in the Cumberland College Incident. Holden had, in fact, been the man to apprehend CR-S01, but as he notes to Gabriel Cunningham, "all we do is catch criminals...we don't decide their fate."

While it would appear that Holden would bear an enormous grudge against CR-S01 for his apparent role in his wife and daughter's death, it seems rather that the eight years of incarceration have convinced him that the prisoner is, in fact, innocent. The few times he is seen interacting with the young man, he seems to be empathetic (perhaps even father-like) toward him. During an elaborate "escape" attempt from Resurgam facilitated by CR-S01's fellow doctors, Holden asks Gabriel Cunningham to "not make his situation any worse".

FBI Edit

Holden seems to be the direct superior of Navel, and by association, Naomi Kimishima, both of whom's pasts he appears to be familiar with. He is the first to imply knowledge of Naomi and Navel's past with Delphi, as well as of her terminal genetic disorder, and may have been Navel's way into the FBI after defecting from the terrorist faction. He holds this fact over their heads in asking them to take care of the Raging Bomber case.

Patient Zero Edit

During Patient Zero, Holden is first seen in pursuit of CR-S01 after his escape from prison. However, after observing the surgeon's sincere desire to operate on a victim of the Rosalia Virus, Holden is unable to follow through with apprehending him, even at gunpoint. He later assists the Resurgam trauma team by providing his helicopter (as a way to circumvent the quarantine) to fly himself, Naomi, and Maria Torres to Mexico to investigate the whereabouts of Rosalia. He and Maria cooperate to reboot the equipment in Albert Sartre's laboratory while Naomi performs an autopsy on Rosalia, and he assists Naomi in creating an antiserum to fly back to Resurgam.

He arrests CR-S01 as arranged after the pandemic passes, but continues to provide him the opportunity to operate on patients and commute his sentence time.