A group of inflammations located on the small intestine

Inflammations are small groups of inflamed cells, which will regularly do vital damage to the patient.


Inflammations are treated by injecting the blue anti-inflammatory into them. They only require a small amount of anti-inflammatory, so a full syringe of the fluid can be used to treat multiple inflammations. While the vital damage done by inflammations are low, in large numbers the damage done can be troublesome.

Inflammations are usually caused by letting pus stay on the organ for too long. They do not multiply or worsen on their own, but if pus continues to remain on a small inflammation it can grow into a large one.

Chemical InflammationsEdit


2 red and 1 blue inflammations, seen on the lung

New Blood presents an unusual variations of the inflammations in chapter 7-4, caused by the inhaling of harmful gases. These inflammations are similar to Tetarti's diverticula, and must be treated with specific antidotes.

The inflammations first start showing their colour. To begin treatment, inject the white sedative into the organ. This will cause the inflammations to lose their colour, so this must be memorized. After which, inject the inflammation with the antidote of the matching colour. If this is not done soon enough, the inflammation will burst, creating lacerations.

Different inflammations show different behaviour. Yellow inflammations swell slowly, requiring only 1/3 of a full syringe each. Blue inflammations swell a little faster and require about 2/3 of a full syringe each. Red inflammations require only 1/3 of a full syringe each, but swell faster than the others.

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