Irene Quatro is the Director of Caduceus USA. She is first seen in New Blood when she is at Concordia, requesting to talk to Professor Wilkens. Later on, it is she who requests Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock's transfer to Caduceus, by order of the federal government, to join their newly formed 'Special Disease Counteraction' team, and she insists that it would have been formed anyway, but Stigma hastened it's creation. She is a kind woman who has a background in psychology, and it appears she is licensed to perform surgeries, since she tells Markus and Valerie she prepared to operate on Luc Rousseau herself, as she was visiting then, and at Caduceus Dr. Everett asks her to remove his Gallstones, but since she's expecting a visitor Markus and Valerie end up doing that as well.

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