"I'm fine, Doctor! Really!"

Joshua Cunningham is the son of Gabriel Cunningham and his ex-wife, Lisa. He is first operated on by Tomoe Tachibana to treat the stomach ulcers he was suffering from. Later, Gabriel conducts a further diagnosis on Joshua and discovers that he suffers from Wermer's Syndrome . CR-S01's help is then enlisted to successfully treat Joshua's illness. Although they share a strong resemblance, Joshua doesn't know that Gabe is his father.


  • Joshua's voice in the English version is similar to Ken Amada in Persona 3 English version and Teddie of Persona 4 English version too.
  • Joshua's also similiar to Ken Amada in several points, like hiding the truth, and not wanting to make others worry about him.
  • Joshua's voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal, the same as Navel, Derek Stiles and Samuel Trumbull.
  • It is clear that Joshua has no idea that Dr Cunningham is his father.