Kenneth Blackwell is Angela Thompson's father and a former Delphi researcher. He appears in Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Second Opinion, and Under the Knife 2.


Kenneth Blackwell was a famous researcher who became a member of Delphi to save Angie's life. Angie had the particular set of DNA needed to incubate GUILT, and Kenneth was approached to either join Delphi as a researcher or have his daughter taken away to be used as a test subject. In order to protect Angie, Kenneth joined Delphi. He was responsible for infecting Dr. Myers with the Paraskevi strain of GUILT after breaking into Caduceus USA. He also developed Savato, the final strain of GUILT. He was the first person to be infected with the mature form of Savato, and was saved by Doctor Stiles.

Afterward, Kenneth became indebted to Derek Stiles and Caduceus, and uses his knowledge of GUILT and Delphi to atone for his sins. While he appears to join the Hands of Asclepius in Under the Knife 2, it is eventually revealed that he transferred there to infiltrate the organization, in order to trace the source of the Neo-GUILT and provide this information to Caduceus.


In Under the Knife 2, Kenneth is visited by Derek and Angie in prison. He soon gets affected by PGS-Savato, and is operated on by Derek. While Derek failed to completely treat the PGS the first time due to his loss of the Healing Touch, he eventually manages to attempt it a second time and saves Kenneth, regaining his Healing Touch in the process.