Large and small lacerations as seen in Trauma Center Second Opinion.

Lacerations are cuts found often in the Trauma Center series. They will bleed and cause the patients vitals to drop until the tears in the tissue are repaired with/by suturing them. Due to the hemorrhaging caused by lacerations, they can be especially dangerous in the X missions, as their bleeding causes a patients vitals to drop significantly in comparison to regular missions.

Throughout the game, lacerations can be caused in accidents or by certain types of GUILT such as Kyriaki, Pempti, Paraskevi, Savato and Sige, Bythos, Aletheia in Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.

On occasions, there are large lacerations that cannot be simply sutured. Drain the blood collecting in the laceration, and close it with the forceps. You then have a short time to suture the wound before it opens again - if it does, it will deal vital damage in addition to the need to suture it again.

First ResponseEdit

As sutures are unavailable outside the operating theatre, lacerations, both small and large, are treated by affixing gauze over the wounds. The gauze is then affixed with antibiotic gel, and secured with tape. Sometimes absorbent gauze needs to be used to remove any blood pools in the way.

General TipsEdit

  • Applying Antibiotic Gel in lacerations reduces blood loss for a moment.
  • In games except Under the Knife, drawing a small N over the laceration is often a quick way to treat them. Longer lacerations will take a longer zigzag for good treatment.
  • The suturing technique in Under the Knife is a lot different compared to later games, with lacerations requiring the player to zigzag across the laceration many more times before the game registers a successful suture. A good guide to ensuring it registers consistently is to draw a narrow, long zigzag across the entire laceration.


In Under the Knife, if a laceration being made is interrupted (like cutting out Kyriaki while it is making one under the organ) or there is insufficient space for a long one (like with Paraskevi), the laceration would be as small as a scalpel incision, and can be treated with antibiotic gel.

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