"Stigma...has awoken."

Lloyd Wilkens is a professor at the Concordia Medical Institute. He originally worked with Markus Vaughn in genetic experiments until Markus accidentally created Stigma. Markus was against Lloyd's idea in continuing to research Stigma, and so he left for Alaska. Months later, Lloyd contracts Stigma (Cheir, to be exact), and calls Markus and Valerie back to Concordia to help treat it.

Lloyd is voiced by Michael McConnohie.


Lloyd is distrusting of other people, and wanted the Stigma research data for himself. He told Markus to destroy all Stigma data should the operation fail. While the operation was successful, Lloyd was then kidnapped by Kidman, his research data stolen, and his office set on fire.

During his kidnapping by Kidman's terrorist group Parnassus, a mind control device was surgically implanted in his brain, and he took a role similar to Under the Knife/Second Opinion's Adam, glorifying the creation of the disease Stigma, saying that humankind's medicine is nothing but a decoy. He collaborated with Kidman, researching and refining Stigma.

After he was taken into custody by the police, Markus and Valerie engage in a difficult operation to disable the mind control device. While his memories have returned to the state before his kidnapping, he describes the events while he was under mind control as a "terrible nightmare", and orders Markus to stop all Stigma research.


  • When you are operating on him to remove Cheir, his serial number is all zeros, but when you operate on him to remove the mind control device, his serial number has changed. This is likely because he changed his identity.