"Being a hero kicks ass!"
- Maria Torres

Dr. Maria Torres (1995) is a professional paramedic and the main character in the First Response section of Trauma Team.

Maria strives to become a hero, but often fights with her co-workers due to her overly independent attitude. She enjoys yelling at subordinates.

Design Edit

Maria is a young adult woman with a tanned complexion, short dark brown hair, and green eyes. She wears a black tank top under a yellow-green jacket with goggles hanging around her neck, yellow gloves, hot pants with a belt, and black and yellow boots.

Design-wise, one might see the resemblance of Chie Satonaka from Persona 4, another Atlus-made game, who also sport a similar hair-cut and yellow-green jacket. They share similar demeanors, both being hot-headed and emotional.

In the official Trauma Team art book, it is stated that Maria is Mexican.

Personality Edit

Maria has a fiery temperament, often lashing out angrily at people around her when they make mistakes or when she feels they are holding her back. She has a tendency to address people offensively (using words like moron, idiot, etc) but she does not mean this in harm, and has the same desire to save lives as the other members of the trauma team do.


It is revealed that at the age of 14, Maria was smoking in the bathroom of her orphanage when things "got out of hand", causing a fire. This led Maria to save a girl named Rosalia Rossellini, without a second thought after she heard her screams within the burning building. This inspired Maria to become a hero, and set her on the path to become a paramedic. During the progress of the story, she starts seeing Rosalia's ghost.

In the final operation before the Seventh Chapter, Rosalia appears before Maria at the mall. Rosalia says "Run...". Immediately before a bus crashes into the mall, leading to Maria becoming a real hero as she works to stabilize the victims.

The Seventh Chapter, Patient Zero, begins with Maria's scenario when a mysterious disease breakout occurs. This disease is later known as the Rosalia Virus. After evacuating most of the infected to the hospital, she encounters CR-S01, who just escaped from prison when the spread has gotten worse and recovered some of his memory (including the knowledge of how to handle the Rosalia virus).

Later on, Maria and the rest of the doctors discover that Rosalia is the key to an antiserum. She, along with Naomi and Holden, manage to uncover the cure to the Rosalia Virus.

In the chapter's finale, she assists CR-SO1 to operate and eradicate the Twisted Rosalia inside Naomi.


  • Tomoe and Maria's design and personalities are based closely to Persona 4's Yukiko Amagi and Chie Satonaka respectively.