"...we'll be performing fewer operations. I hope that won't affect my salary."

Dr. Markus Vaughn is a playable surgeon in Trauma Center: New Blood.

Originally a doctor at Concordia Medical Institute, he assisted Lloyd Wilkens with his research for a while until he accidentally created Stigma; when Lloyd refused to stop the research and destroy Stigma before it became too dangerous, he volunteered to be transferred out to the Montgomery Memorial Hospital in Alaska, followed by colleague Valerie Blaylock, who wished to learn the Healing Touch. His goal is to reverse the damage that has been done and destroy Stigma once and for all.


Markus was born and grew up in California.

After receiving his diploma, he eventually came to work in Concordia Medical Institute where he met Lloyd Wilkens. During an experiment, Markus was attempting to remove a tumor from a mouse, only for him to let the tumor come into contact with artificial blood; the tumor then started growing at an unnatural rate and mutated into the pathogen known as Stigma. When Lloyd insisted on research on Stigma in spite of the risks, Markus left Concordia.

Wishing to hone his skills and do some soul searching, Markus volunteered to be transferred out to the Montgomery Memorial Hospital in Alaska, followed by colleague and friend Valerie Blaylock who wished to learn the Healing Touch from him.

Markus was well liked by the staff at Montgomery, and enjoyed the less hectic lifestyle.

But when Director Hoover retired and closed Montgomery, Markus, Valerie and ex-patient Elena Salazar who was now assisting Markus were forced to move back to the golden state and return to their positions at Concordia.

After the disappearance of Professor Wilkens, Markus, Valerie and Elena were drafted by Irene Quatro to join Caduceus.


Markus is in many ways the Yin and Valerie is Yang. Markus remains calm and collected in almost any situation and doesn't lose his temper when goaded, as is demonstrated when he appeared on Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery. He is passionate about his job and isn't afraid to act when necessary, genuinely caring about his patients and displaying a talent at connecting with them personally.

Markus possesses a strong sense of morality, as demonstrated when witnessing the uproar in Culuruma.

Healing TouchEdit

Markus possesses a Healing Touch just like Derek Stiles; the ability to operate up to four times faster than normal, since the superhuman level of concentration granted gives Markus the impression of slowing down time.

However, Markus has not shown the ability to completely stop time, as Derek has while fighting Savato, though this might be because there are no missions in New Blood that require him to use Healing Touch twice in succession.

Markus does show signs of fatigue after using the Healing Touch.


  • According to his profile on the surgeon select screen, Markus's birthday is July 11th and he has type B blood.
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