"You're such a handful."

Mary Fulton is Hope Hospital's senior surgical assistant. She looks after the younger staff and, due to her kind nature, is admired by all, despite her tendency to nag. When she transfers to another hospital, Angela Thompson takes her place as Derek Stiles' assistant. Mary reappears in Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2, coming back to Hope Hospital to help Derek regain confidence after he loses his Healing Touch.

In comparison to Angie's demeanor during operations, Mary is, in general, more patient when Derek makes mistakes and will reassure him that he has the ability to perform well if he maintains focus, although Mary can also be extremely tough and also witty in terms of Derek Stiles' behaviour in and out of Hope Hospital.

Design Edit

In Under the Knife, Mary has dark hair tied back. She wears pink hospital scrubs with a matching hat, and a reddish-brown long sleeve shirt underneath.

In Second Opinion, her hair is again tied back. She still wears the hat and scrubs, but is now shown wearing white instead of pink. Her design does not change from Second Opinion to Under the Knife 2.

Personality Edit

Mary is very patient and kind with Derek, particularly when he makes mistakes or is unsure of himself. On occasions where he needs to focus, she is shown raising her voice and acting a little more stern. She has a tendency to nag or ramble, but usually catches herself.

Mary is one of the people who believes in Derek after he loses his Healing Touch, but helps him regain it during Under the Knife 2. She also encourages his relationship with Angie.

Profile Edit

Mary is a very experienced nurse and has been at Hope Hospital a while prior to story events.

Under the Knife/ Second Opinion Edit

In the opening sections of the game, Mary is Derek's assistant. However, she mentions she will be transferring to another hospital, and is replaced by Angie Thompson for the remainder of the game.

She is later shown watching a video about how to treat GUILT.

Under the Knife 2 Edit

When Derek returns to Hope Hospital, Greg and Cybil Kasal arrange for Mary's return. Cybil mentions that although Mary wasn't given much warning, she made an effort to transfer back as quickly as she could. Mary remarks multiple times on how lost Derek seems, but remains encouraging, and eventually helps him get his Healing Touch back.

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