"Who disturbs the serenity of my laboratory? I see you're different from those ill-mannered police... You are welcome here, then."


Vakhushti was born in the Caucasus. He went to Russia and then America in order to study medicine, where he met Cynthia Kasakov and became her boyfriend. After realizing his dream, he became a doctor, started the medical company Columba & Cornix, and returned to Caucasus to save lives.

While aiding refugees, the army tried to assassinate him. He considered this betrayal and started going insane, believing he was the descendant of an ancient legendary family, sole survivors of a great flood. In his strive for power, he received Stigma from Professor Wilkens and became obsessed with it, eventually developing the Cardia strain and using it to treat his malignant diencephalic sclerosis. This, however, came with a side effect of delirium, inducing him to take the identity of a mad cultist who believes humanity's true and only purpose is chaos.

When Cynthia came back to confront him after they broke up, he installed a pump unit and chip designed so that he could kill her at will using remote control, as he no longer had an interest in her. After Markus and Valerie operate on Cynthia and remove the chip, Cynthia pinpoints them to Vakhushti's location, where they operate on him and eliminate Cardia, the final Stigma strain. When they succeeded, Vakhushti came to his senses and realized what he has done; however, without Cardia, his diencephalic disorder proved to be lethal, and he thanked Markus and Valerie for restoring his faith in humanity before he died.