"Caduceus Italiani has verified the existence of four new GUILT strains. Only a select few were even aware of this within Acropolis and the Hands of Asclepius. They dubbed these mutations 'Neo-GUILT', which is what I will refer to them as, for simplicity's sake." -Robert Hoffman

Neo-GUILT was created by Acropolis Pharmaceuticals through illegal GUILT research. Unlike Delphi, who use GUILT for terrorism, Acropolis use Neo-GUILT for profit, mainly by selling them to people as steroids. In order to mask this illegal research, Acropolis worked with the Hands of Asclepius to develop a serum to counteract GUILT and Post-GUILT Syndrome, which was created from the same illegal research used in Neo-GUILT development.  They are named after four of the Aeons in Gnosticism.

Neo-GUILT appears to function like steroids, being able to enhance body function, regenerative ability, and learning speed while inactive. However, once the Neo-GUILT is activated, it attacks the host like other GUILT.

Convulsions occur twice in each Neo-GUILT operation: one when the Neo-GUILT emerges, and another when the Neo-GUILT is defeated.

Types of Neo-GUILTEdit

There are four archetypes of Neo-GUILT: Nous, Bythos, Sige, and Aletheia.

Neo-GUILT Benefit When active

It is believed that Nous enhances learning abilities; this would explain why its original host became brain dead.

Nous creates Nous-tumors that burst after a while.
Bythos Bythos enhances bodily functions and motor skills. Bythos attacks with lacerations and creating internal hermorrhages. If Bythos's shell is shattered, Bythos and release spores that protect the Bythos core until Bythos can regenerate.
Sige Sige enhances speed and accuracy of the host's thought processes, allowing them to quickly learn. It also enables the host to use an artificial Healing Touch. Sige creates internal hemorrhaging, along with a gas that is a harmless thick fog. While on the organ surface, Sige races and bounces across it, producing pus that causes inflammations. When it gets desperate, Sige also starts creating clones that, when attacked, create pus.

Aletheia halts the host's aging process.

Aletheia spawns Aletheia-GUILT and Altheia-Neo-GUILT to attack the host. Aletheia can regenerate itself via blood vessels.

Neo-GUILT HostsEdit

Neo-GUILT Host History
Nous Emilio Juarez Emilio was infected with Nous when he had a liver transplant with a Nous infected liver.
Bythos Annie Fisher Annie was infected with Bythos when her personal trainer injects Bythos into her.
Tracy Mercer Tracy was infected with Bythos when Patrick uses Bythos in a desperate attempt to revive her.
Sige HOA Doctors The HOA Doctors were infected with Sige as part of the HOA's Enhancement Program.
Adel Tulba Adel was infected with Sige as part of the HOA's Enhancement Program. This allowed him to learn the Healing Touch.
Aletheia Reina Mayuzumi Reina was infected with Aletheia to preserve her youth.


  • Nous and Aletheia are the only types of Neo-GUILT that does not move when visible. Nous moves from place to place when it goes into the organ, only immobile when it is on the organ's surface.
  • All four types of Neo-GUILT have a sort of "eye" that serves as its core.
  • All names of Neo-GUILT are based on the aeons of gnosticism. Being Nous "The Mind", Bythos "The Depth", Sige "The Silence" and Aletheia "The Truth".
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