Onyx exposed on the pancreas surface

"This Stigma is called Onyx - the claw that tears its prey." -Leland Phoenix

Onyx is the fourth strain of Stigma seen in New Blood.

Onyx is Greek for "claw."

While Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Blaylock, and Elena are held captive, they are forced to operate on Onyx twice.


Stage Information

Onyx attacking with its star like laceration pattern

Onyx hides within the organ, and is only visible with the ultrasound. Onyx must be cut out of the organ, and injected with a specialized serum. As the operation proceeds, Onyx will begin creating clones of itself - the only way to distinguish the original from the fakes is by identifying the number of dots on the shadows they produce; the original has 4, while the clones have 3. If the player takes too long in finding Onyx, or attacks a clone, Onyx will surface and attack, creating lacerations, and immediately retreat back into the organ.
Mutated Onyx When Mutated Onyx begins running low on health, it releases toxins into the patient's bloodstream, causing vital loss and obscuring the surgeon's view. However, this also makes Mutated Onyx and all its copies visible without needing to use the ultrasound.


New BloodEdit

Episode Host Organ Type
5-4: Coercion Carla de Santos Pancreas Onyx
5-6: Mutation Andrei Raskov Spleen Mutated Onyx
6-6: Signed in Blood Leland Phoenix Liver Mutated Onyx
7-2: First Strike Unnamed Woman Pancreas Mutated Onyx
X-4: Onyx Unknown Pancreas Mutated Onyx


Attack Used by Information
Clone Creation


Mutated Oynx

After a few injections with the serum, Onyx will create clones of itself to attempt to confuse you, similar to Sige. The clones have 3 white dots whereas the real Onyx has 4 dots.
5 Lacerations Onyx

Mutated Onyx

If not found soon enough, Onyx will reveal itself from hiding, making five lacerations in a star pattern, similar to Bythos (except Onyx makes 5 lacerations whereas Bythos only makes 4). Onyx will also attack if a copy is excised. Pay attention to the vitals dropping at this attack. Especially on X4. Vitals lower than 70 will make occour an instant game over. (Extreme Mission Only)
Poison Web Mutated Onyx Onyx releases a toxin into the patient's bloodstream, creating a "web" of poison, obstructing the surgeon's vision and draining vitals. The number of clones created also increases. However, this also renders Onyx and its clones visible without needing to use the ultrasound to detect them. It only disappears after Onyx is defeated. The best time to raise vitals is when you found the onyx have injected the serum in it. You might raise the vitals a little only make sure you have sight over the Onyx and its burrowing


  • The only way to tell Onyx apart from Fake Onyx is the shape and number of dots on its head. Onyx will have four dots in a square form, while Fake Onyx will have three in the shape of a triangle.
  • Pay close attention to the direction Onyx is facing as it dives into the organ, as Onyx will always be found in that general area. 
  • During the final "poison web" phase, note that the real Onyx will always be within the bounds of the organ: those Onyx appearing outside the bounds of the organ are guaranteed to be fake.
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