"What you encountered in Concordia was Cheir - the hand. And in Maryland you received Soma - the body. But now, I shall reveal Ops - the eye - for the entire country to witness." -Kidman's letter

Ops is the third strain of Stigma. Ops is the Greek word for "eye." It is first seen on the television show "Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery". Leonardo Bello fails to complete the operation on the infected patient, Samantha Young, forcing Markus and Valerie to take over.


Stage Information


An Ops spawn.

Ops first appears as a large and mobile sphere that moves around the organ. Two small spawns surround the organ, releasing tumors and nutrients. When the main Ops is present, these spawns are invulnerable to lasers, and will only be destroyed if the main Ops is destroyed. In addition, as the Ops moves around, tumors will randomly appear on the body. After the main Ops is damaged enough, it will split into two separate Ops, although there is no difference between the two.


New BloodEdit

Episode Host Organ Types
4-5: Studio Emergency Samantha Young Small intestine Ops
6-3: An Ailing Village Unnamed Woman Liver Ops
X-3: Ops Unnamed Woman Small intestine Ops


Attack Infromation
Blue Nutrients Blue nutrients will be shot at Ops by the spawns. If Ops takes one in, the patient's vitals will drop around 10 and all present tumors will rupture. Blue nutrients must be drained.
Red Nutrients The spawns will shoot larger red nutrients that must be incinerated with the laser. If the Ops collides with one, the patient's vitals will drop around 15, compared to the blue nutrient.
Tumor Creation
Randomly, large red tumors will appear on the organ. These will slowly drain vitals over time and must be immediately incinerated. If Ops absorbs any type of nutrient, a possibly fatal mistake, all tumors on the organ will burst at the same time, meaning the vitals will plummet.


  • Switch between the drain and laser to prevent the laser from running out. You will always need some laser battery to burn off the Ops tumors.
  • When the Ops splits in two, concentrate on destroying one core so that you have less worry about nutrients impacting them.
  • A little known fact is that the nutrients can be slowed down by applying antibiotic gel over them. This is handy when a nutrient is about to hit Ops and the laser is still recharging.
  • Players who blaze through the operation might miss the S or XS due to their chain not being long enough to satisfy the special bonus. Thus, after the Ops splits and one of the cores is destroyed, if there is enough time left, stop attacking the remaining core and focus on building the chain by removing the tumors and nutrients. Vitals should never be a problem if you do not let even a single nutrient impact the core, unless you've let multiple tumors remain in the treatment area.


  • The tumors caused by Ops are almost identical to the tumors Cardia makes, except the Ops tumors are treated in a different manner.
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