Parnassus is an organization headquartered in Caucasus and was responsible for releasing Stigma into the public. It was lead by Master Vakhushti. It is named after Mt. Parnassus, a Greek mountain.


Parnassus was established by Master Vakhushti in Caucasus, he sent his old friend Cynthia Kasakov to spy on Caduceus and the US Army, he also made a business venture with his friend from Columba & Cornix, which made the company to be a major manufacturer of precision instruments and implant devices. He then found out about Stigma and grew interested in it, he ordered his associate Kidman to kidnap professor Lloyd Wilkens at the Concordia Medical Institute in order to do further research on Stigma. Parnassus unleashed Stigma into the public by using the products manufactured by Columba & Cornix in order to utilize Stigma. In Culuruma, Parnassus also associated with the rebel leader Ramsey Ramirez in hope of obtaining the Culurium mines in order to get the material crucial to test Stigma, however the Wanadeo was raided by the President's Army, resulting in the guirrella forces defeated and Kidman killed during the raid. Caduceus along with Humani, with the association of the Russian and US Army raided the Parnassus Hideout in Caucasus, Markus and Valerie were able to treat the last strain of Stigma, Cardia in Vakhushti's body, ridding his mind of the delirium-causing disease and restoring his humanity. He died soon afterwards, however, due to the condition he had originally attempted to treat by injecting himself with Cardia, thus ending Parnassus' activity.