"Arrrrrruff! Woof woof woof." - Pepita

Pepita is a dog given to Markus and Valerie as a gift from the President of Culuruma. During the exploration of a Culurium mine, she was shot with a shotgun while protecting Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock. This led to an operation that required either Dr. Blaylock or Dr. Vaughn to remove the shotgun pellets, suture the wounds and recover Pepita's pulse with the defibrillator several times. Pepita later recovers and with her help, the military was able to track down Ramirez, Leland, and Kidman.


  • If you choose Dr. Vaughn to operate on her he'll say, "Alright, let's save this brave little girl!"
  • She is the first animal to be operated on in the Trauma Center series, the second being Chloe in Trauma Team. However, Pepita is also the only known dog to be operated on.
  • The operation on Pepita was foreshadowed in chapter 4-2, when Markus, Valerie, Elena were discussing the surgery that Valerie's ex-boyfriend Denny had called them in for. Markus was displeased because the Denny was a veterinarian and the patient was a dog. Valerie tries to rescue the situation by saying that what they learned is sure to come in handy some day.
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