Portland, Maine is the city where Trauma Team take place in.

Notable LocationsEdit


  • There is a typo in the Trauma Team game manual that states that Portland is in Maryland. It is more likely that the in-game location of Portland is Maine. Portland, Maine's city motto is 'Resurgam' and it is located within Cumberland County. This coincides with the names of Resurgam First Care and the Cumberland Institute of Forensic Medicine.
  • Some speculate that the manual did not actually contain a typo, because there is a city named Cumberland in Maryland, and USAMRIID is located in Maryland. There are cities named Portland near Maryland as well, which may have been what was referanced in-game. Since the game never actually states the exact location of Resurgam, no conclusions can be drawn.
  • To support the location in Maine theory, during one of Naomi's investigations (when she is looking into the death of Alma Parker) Alma's house is located in Oxford, in the mountains. There is a place named Oxford in Maryland, but it is not located in any mountain formations. There is also a place named Oxford in Maine that is located in mountain-like formations.