Post-Kyriaki, a tumor, and a pool of pus.

Post-Kyriaki is the PGS that affects past Kyriaki hosts.

About three years after an infection with Immature Kyriaki and a Mature Kyriaki in the lung, a unique form of tumors and pus form in the lung.

The removal of tumors is identical to that of normal tumors, but the difference is that after using the forceps to remove the tumor, a pool of pus will form in the wound and it must be drained before placing a synthetic membrane.


  • Tumors in the lung Kyriaki was on.
  • Inflammations on the lung Kyriaki was on.
  • Toxicosis of the lung Kyriaki was on.


Tumors and InflammationEdit

The player must use the Powell Procedure to remove the tumors. In the process, however, the tumors will create pus, and if left untreated the pus will create inflammations. Drainage of the pus will be required to keep the patient's vitals in check, and for the sealing of the wound with the synthetic membrane.


Episode Host Organ(s)
2-3: To Live On Linda Reid Right lung
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