Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson was the head director of Caduceus USA and Secretary of Health. Richard was the first known person to be infected with Pempti.


Richard Anderson is stout old man with graying hair.

Before his infection, he wears a brown suit with a a white collared shirt underneath; he also wears a black tie.


Richard Anderson is a devoted man towards Medicine. Although he is mainly a politician, his heart is more towards his original vocation of Medicine. Even facing certain death from Pempti, he stayed strong enough despite the pain so that Caduceus could find a way to cure it. 


Under the Knife/ Second OpinionEdit

Because Pempti had not been treated before, Richard allows Caduceus to use him as a test subject to find out how to treat Pempti. He had been operated on three times, and even though Derek cured his Pempti, Richard's body could not handle the operations and he died.

Richard knew he was going to die, so he talked to Robert. He told him that he wanted Robert to take over Caduceus USA. Robert was hesitant, because he gave up on operating. Shortly afterwards, Robert decided to take over for Richard as the new director of Caduceus USA.

Trivia Edit

  • If you look at all the operations done on Richard, you'll see his weight decrease.
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