"No matter how advanced medicine becomes, there are always those who cannot be saved... Intractable diseases, incurable ailments, inescapable deaths! How many souls have you forsaken? Have you ever considered the feelings of those who lie in bed, with no hope of being cured!?" -Patrick Mercer
"I'm only human... but I'll do everything I can to save my patients! I will never give up!" -Derek Stiles

Sige (Greek for "silence", pronounced "Seeg-eh") is a Neo-GUILT created by Patrick Mercer.

Known as "the Great Silence" or "the Dense Fog of Silence," Sige was designed to increase the speed and accuracy of a person's thought processes, allowing them to be taught and master entirely new techniques within a short space of time. Adel Tulba was deliberately implanted with this form of GUILT when he expressed his wish to learn the Healing Touch, which he achieved through the help of Sige.


Stage Information
Pre-Sige The first thing that will be seen is the damage caused by Sige prior to the operation beginning: pus clouds, lacerations and inflammations are not uncommon. These must be treated before the Neo-GUILT reveals itself.
Gas After creating some initial lacerations, Sige will remain within the host organ and create its gas, causing pressure to build up. If these pressures are not released (by cutting the surface with the scalpel), then the organ will burst and cause a great deal of damage to the patient's vitals. Sige itself must be extracted with the scalpel after being made visible by the ultrasound. Upon being cut out, all the gas produced by Sige immediately escapes and blinds anyone in the immediate area for a short time, whilst Sige itself continues to move around, more rapidly than before, producing pus on the surface of the organ which can be drained away. The gas is removed by blowing into the microphone on the Nintendo DS. The player must then be careful to immediately patch the recently-created exit wound; if they do not, then more gas will escape and cause further problems.
Sige The only way to cause damage to Sige is by cutting it with the scalpel; however, it will be traveling faster than the player can usually cut with accuracy. Although such a cut is possible, it is wiser to use the antibiotic gel to immobilize Sige temporarily and give the player a better chance at making the successful cut. Sige will immediately return inside the organ as soon as it is damaged. If it is damaged five to six times (depending on the operation), it will be defeated. If threatened, Sige also possesses the ability to create copies of itself, similar to Onyx, upon being removed from the organ in an attempt to confuse the player. The number of clones can be anywhere between two and five. This mutation is both defensive and offensive; as well as potentially distracting the player, it increases the speed with which Sige decreases vitals when on the surface of the organ.
Clone Sige Clone Sige look just like Sige, but are darker in color and they lower vitals faster. An attempted cut on a Clone Sige causes vital damage and allows Sige to retreat; similar but not identical to Onyx.
Aletheia Sige Sige bodies created by Aletheia, fortunately, do not zip across the screen. However, they do dart between their positions periodically, producing pus clouds along the way. Any pus must be drained, and the Sige must be immobilized first before cutting. Trying to do otherwise will break the chain.

Sige OperationsEdit

Episode Patient Organ Type of Sige Other GUILT Present
7-4: Dream's End Adel Tulba Right lung Sige
Clone Sige
7-7: Mother of Sins Reina Mayuzumi Heart Aletheia Sige Aletheia
X-6: Sige Unnamed man Right lung Sige
Clone Sige
X-7: Aletheia Unnamed woman Heart Aletheia Sige Aletheia


Attack Usable By Infromation
Hematocele Sige While Sige is in the organ, it will create internal hemmorhages from time to time.
Gas Wound Sige When excising Sige, it will obscure the screen with gas. Blow into the microphone to disperse the gas, and quickly treat the wound to prevent more gas.
Pus Creation Sige Once out of the organ, Sige will create pus. Sutures and scalpel use will be nullified if the pus overlaps with what is being treated. Only the real Sige can perform this, and know that pus still can be created while Sige is frozen by antibiotic gel.
Aletheia Sige
Clone Sige Sige Sige creates clones of itself. They can speed up the rate at which Sige lowers vitals since vitals drop each time Sige or a clone bounces off the side of the screen. Attacking these copies will disperse pus while also allowing Sige to dive back into the organ.
Retreat Sige If a Clone Sige is attacked, Sige retreats into the organ.
Counterattack Clone Sige If attacked, Clone Sige lowers vitals faster.


  • Sige is at its most dangerous form when it is under the surface of the organ, creating gas and pressurizing the organ. It is recommended to locate and extract it before doing anything else, even raising vitals.
  • Although gas may obscure the playing area, it is still possible to operate on the patient. Specifically, spreading antibiotic gel about will stop Sige and its clones from moving, reducing the vital damage taken from their general movement.
  • Since only a number of pus clouds and inflammations can exist at any one time, leave them unless they get in the way of attacks on Sige. The damage done by inflammations is rather low, so save treatment for after Sige has been defeated. Remember that attacks and sutures through pus clouds will not count as successful.
  • Sige requires larger cuts with the scalpel to properly excise and damage, compared to simple taps on the touch screen necessary to excise Kyriaki. Be careful when stopping the real Sige while it is next to a clone, as the clone may get hit as well if not careful.
  • Sige does not change its position after it dives into the organ. To save time locating it, right after scoring a hit, use the ultrasound at its general position to get a good chance of locking on to its shadow immediately.
  • If Sige is one attack away from defeat, immediately after dispersing the gas the player can attack Sige right away and ignore all else, including the gas wound. This leaves less to worry about once getting around to treating the remaining wounds.
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