"This disease manifests itself in mysterious ways... I've tentatively named it 'Stigma'." -Lloyd Wilkens

Stigma is a virus that was created accidentally by Markus Vaughn and Lloyd Wilkens. It was used as a biological weapon after the leader of Parnassus, Master Vakhushti, obtained it from Prof Wilkens. It comes in six strains, each named after a body part it resembles or attacks.

It has been known that Stigma stores its genetic information in a film-like structure, unlike other biological pathogens, and that it cannot grow without culurium, an alloy found in Culurama. This would explain why all of the initial Stigma victims are those who have used products involving culurium.

Over the events of New Blood, Stigma mutates and eventually becomes more infectious, even able to grow without the need for culurium.


Six years prior to the events of New Blood, Markus was working on lab mice with Prof Wilkens, when he noticed that one of them was unusual. While excising a tumor from that lab mouse, Markus accidentally let Stigma come into contact with artificial blood, and it began growing extremely quickly. Lloyd insisted on continuing research on the new pathogen, thus spurring Markus to leave for Alaska.

Types of StigmaEdit


Cheir creates lacerations and gashes with its sharp shape, and also creates tumors (in certain mutations) in order to shut the organ down.


Soma appears as a core covered in viscous fluid that releases hardening tissue and tumors. When under threat, it will also create a copy of itself that produces a large amount of tissue if left untouched for some time.


Ops acts as a sphere in the middle of an organ surrounded by tissue, while two outside bodies shoot it nutrients. The nutrients allow for it to commence reactions that require energy in order to damage vitals, like causing tumors to burst.


Onyx hides in the organ it attacks at first. If it takes too long to find the Onyx, or if a copy is excised, it will attack, creating lacerations. When under threat, it will also release a toxin that causes vital damage, though in the process it renders itself and its copies visible.


Brachion releases toxin into the victim through use of extended arms and grapplers that attach itself to the affected organ.


Cardia first tries to shut down the heart by covering it in a membrane, and upon reaching red sections of the membrane will harm the patient and cause the patient's vitals to permanently drop. After the membrane is completely removed, it will then try to attack by creating lacerations and releasing bomb-like tumors it detonates with a "ripple".

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