Before 2012Edit

1786: Portland, Maine (Assumed setting for Trauma Team) is incorporated.

1897: Erich von Raitenau (Adam) is born.

1945: The United Nations (Caduceus/WHO superior) is formed.

1948: The World Health Organization (Caduceus predecessor and origin) is formed.

1953: United States Department of Health and Human Services (Caduceus origin) is formed.

1956~57: Robert Hoffman is born.

1969: USAMRIID (US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases; Caduceus predecessor) is formed.

1970~71: Patrick Mercer is born.

1976~77: Reina Mayuzumi is born.

1977~78: Irene Quatro is born.

1979~80: Lloyd Wilkens is born.

1980: The Caduceus International organization is formed as a branch of the World Health Organization and the United States Dept. of Health and Human Services.

1984~85: Cybil Myers is born.

1986~87: Justin Everett is born.

1989~90: Nozomi Weaver/Naomi Kimishima is born. (Naomi becomes Nozomi via the Witness Protection Program)

1990~92: Derek Stiles and Tyler Chase are born.

1994~95: Markus Vaughn is born.

1995~96: Leslie Sears and Victor Niguel are born.

1997~98: Adel Tulba, Heather Ross and Angela Thompson are born.

2000's: Caduceus is formed, Dr Stiles loses father to "incurable disease"

2000~01: Valerie Blaylock is born.

2001~02: Emilio Juarez is born.

2004~05: Linda Reid is born.

2005~06: Kenneth Blackwell is blackmailed into working for Delphi.

First evidence of GUILT is presumably found around this time period.

2008~09: Elena Salazar is born.

2010~2011: Joshua Cunningham is born.

2010s: Dr Weaver, Dr Stiles, Dr Chase, Nurse Sears, Dr Niguel, Dr Tulba, Nurse Ross and Nurse Thompson attend college, then medical school.


2012: The Cumberland Incident, the first Rosalia virus outbreak, occurred at the Cumberland Medical Institute.

2012~13: Alyssa Breslin is born.

2017: Rosalia is shot to death by Albert Sartre.

2018: Albert Sartre dies due to the Rosalia Virus.

2012~20: CR-S01 is convicted of the Cumberland Incident, and is initially sentenced to death. However, his sentence later changes to 250 years of imprisonment.


  • Derek Stiles finishes his residency, and is employed at Hope Hospital.
  • Nozomi is involved in the Delphi Organization.
  • Derek discovers that he holds the Healing Touch, and refines it.
  • Derek is recruited into Caduceus, and learns of GUILT.
  • Derek cures Amy Chase of Deftera which has infected her for years.
  • An international conference is held, which Derek attends to display his skills at treating GUILT. Delphi responds by planting a bomb, which is soon disarmed.
  • Derek with Langston to Africa to investigate an abandoned Delphi laboratory. Triti is soon spotted and treated.
  • Greg Kasal infected with Tetarti during a GUILT attack on Hope Hospital.
  • A cure for Tetarti is developed by Caduceus and is used to treat Greg.
  • Richard Anderson is infected by Pempti, and dies shortly after a cure is developed and used. Robert Hoffman takes over as Director of Caduceus.
  • A large-scale GUILT attack involving multiple strains is launched. Caduceus staff mobilised to treat victims of the attack.
  • A break-in occurs at Caduceus. Cybil Myers is infected with Paraskevi, but is treated soon after.
  • Nozomi leaves Delphi after performing one final operation on an experimental GUILT strain.
  • A raid on a Delphi outpost is carried out. Savato spotted, and a cure is quickly developed for it. Kenneth is cured of Savato and turns himself in.
  • Kenneth discloses information of the Delphi base to Caduceus.
  • Emilio Juarez, among six other Sinners, is operated on during the Delphi base raid.
  • Adam is retrieved from the Delphi base, and is under research in Caduceus Europe.
  • Nozomi joins Caduceus Europe.
  • Derek makes the last known contact with Delphi leader Adam.
  • GUILT breakout occurs during a Caduceus conference. Derek, then Robert Hoffman falls ill, but recovers after operation to extract a mutated form of the Savato strain.
  • All GUILT-related research is outlawed by international regulations.


  • Albert Sartre begins research on the Rosalia Virus and attempts to use it as an all-purpose cure for all diseases.
  • Skeletal remains, later identified to be ones of Albert Sartre and infected with the Rosalia Virus, is found and falls into the custody of USAMRIID.
  • CR-S01 is given an ultimatum that results in him working off his sentence by performing surgical procedures.
  • Jacob Tillman is diagnosed of a myocardial infection by Gabriel Cunningham. CR-S01 is transferred to Resurgam First Care to perform the operation.
  • A patient is diagnosed with Kaposi's sarcoma. CR-S01 is enlisted to treat the patient. Various abnormalities occur, but the operation is successful.
  • Several other cases of unusual bruises and foci are encountered by the Resurgam crew.
  • A bus crash occurs inside a mall, injuring several people, including Gabriel Cunningham.
  • The Revolutionary makes a bomb threat, specifying his target as "The Corpse Whisperer".
  • An explosion occurs at Alyssa Breslin's house, injuring her. The Resurgam crew works to save Alyssa while keeping the FBI, who have come to reclaim CR-S01, from reaching him.
  • Naomi tracks The Raging Bomber to Portland airport, where an explosion occurs before the First Lady arrives.
  • Naomi Kimishima adopts Alyssa Breslin.
  • Gabriel Cunningham divorces, and quits his job at Resurgam First Care.
  • A second Rosalia outbreak occurs, causing Portland to declare a state of emergency.
  • Gabriel diagnoses the Rosalia Virus as a form of viral hemmorhagic fever with the help of USAMRIID's facilities. However, he is shortly pursued, and with Jacob Tillman's help he escapes with Prof Sartre's remains in tow.
  • During a prison relocation, CR-SO1 escapes to support the waves of incoming patients infected with the Rosalia virus.
  • Holden, along with Maria Torres and Naomi Kimishima, fly in to Mexico to find the body of Rosalia and information regarding the origins and cure for the virus.
  • Rosalia's body is discovered. From her blood, a cure for the Rosalia Virus is developed.
  • Naomi Kimishima falls ill due to a mutated form of the Rosalia virus, and is cured by CR-S01.
  • Dr Cunningham returns to his job at Resurgam, and CR-S01 returns to prison.


  • Greg Kasal and Cybil Myers's daughter, Kari, is born.
  • Costigar Disease sighted and treated by Derek.
  • Hands of Asclepius and Acropolis Pharmaceuticals are founded.
  • PGS cases flood Caduceus. Derek and Angie recalled to Caduceus from Costigar.
  • Adel Tulba is recruited into Caduceus.
  • First sighting of Neo-GUILT Nous in Caduceus.
  • Reina Mayuzumi acquires neural pattern data to replicate Derek's Healing Touch.
  • A GUILT attack is launched on Elysium.
  • Emilio Juarez dies of GUILT, causing Derek to lose his Healing Touch.
  • Derek transfers to Hope Hospital until he regains his Healing Touch.
  • Derek and Angie visit Kenneth, who soon falls victim to Post-Savato. After a failed operation and a call for backup, Derek soon regains his Healing Touch to treat the PGS.
  • Adel tranfers to the HoA after recovering from a case of the Costigar Disease.
  • The HoA launch an Ability Enhancement Programme to incorporate their doctors with artifical Healing Touches.
  • Kenneth released from prison on condition that he was to be supervised by the HoA.
  • Acropolis Pharmaceuticals attacked. Reina Mayuzumi kidnapped.
  • Reina Mayuzumi rescued and treated during a raid on a Delphi outpost.
  • HoA develops a serum to treat GUILT and PGS, and begins to recruit staff from many other hospitals, including Caduceus. Heather Ross soon transfers from Elysium to Caduceus.
  • Delphi remnants, led by Heinrich von Raitenau, commence a large-scale GUILT attack.
  • Derek and Angie kidnapped and held hostage in the new Delphi base.
  • Delphi base located, and Delphi remnants wiped out. Heinrich tried under international law.
  • Neo-GUILT outbreaks occur. Information from Kenneth traces the Neo-GUILT to the HoA and Acropolis Pharmaceuticals.
  • A raid is carried out on the HoA headquarters. Several doctors there, including Adel, have fallen victim to Neo-GUILT and are soon treated.
  • Neo-GUILT serum quickly developed by Caduceus.
  • Patrick pursued to a chemical plant where Neo-GUILT is being cultivated. Patrick dies of a gunshot wound to the heart after the Aletheia in Reina is treated.
  • HoA and Acropolis disbanded. Adel returns to Costigar while Kenneth resumes his work in prison.
  • Elena Salazar receives an immunity suppressant pump unit.



  • Markus receives a request from Lloyd Wilkens to return to Concordia.
  • Elena Salazar has control chips of her pump unit replaced.
  • Val discovers her Healing Touch.
  • Montgomery Memorial Hospital closes.
  • Markus and Val are transferred to Concordia Medical Institute.
  • Stigma discovered to be infecting Prof Wilkens, and is soon treated.
  • Prof Wilkens is kidnapped, with all information on Stigma stolen.
  • Markus, Val and Elena are recruited to Caduceus USA as a team to fight Stigma.
  • Scandals involving the TV show Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery occur. Markus and Val sent to prove Leonardo Bello wrong.
  • Markus, Val and Elena are kidnapped, and forced to work on mutant Stigma strains. They soon escape and return to Caduceus.
  • Terrorist groups abusing Stigma are discovered to be Parnassus. The Stigma team is sent to Culurama to investigate the Culurium mines, which allow for Stigma to grow and mutate.
  • A raid is conducted on Parnassus' base.
  • Prof Wilkens is recovered, and the mind control device on his brain removed.
  • Master Vakhushti identified to be the leader of Parnassus, and is traced to his private laboratory.
  • Master Vakhushti is operated on, but dies soon after.
  • Derek and Angie Thompson develop a training simulation which simulates simultaneous Stigma and GUILT operations. Markus and Val requested for testing.