"Spirit of life, guide my hands!"

Dr. Valerie Blaylock is a playable surgeon in Trauma Center: New Blood.

Valerie is passionate about her job and cares a great deal about her patients. She worked at Concordia Medical Institute in Los Angeles before following her colleague, Markus Vaughn, to Montgomery Memorial Hospital in Alaska in order to learn the Healing Touch from him.

After Montgomery Memorial Hospital closed, Valerie and Markus went back to Concordia. After they operate on the first strain of Stigma, they get transferred to Caduceus USA East Branch under Federal Authority. There, she perfects her surgical skills and trains in the use of advanced medical equipment. At Caduceus, she is reunited with Cynthia Kazakov, an old friend from Medical School.

When she's kidnapped and forced to operate on research subjects, Valerie shows loyalty towards Markus when he says he discovered Stigma and did nothing. When Cynthia is revealed to be a spy, she was very upset that she was betrayed. When Cynthia was captured, Valerie was worried when she found out that Master Vakhushti had placed a tracking device on her.

Healing TouchEdit

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Valerie's Healing Touch prevents the patient's vitals from changing, except in the case of cardiac arrest. As a downside, the player is unable to raise the vitals through the use of stabilizer or Antibiotic gel for the duration of its use.

Valerie first discovered that she had the Healing Touch while operating on Sister Catherine, a nun she befriended while living in Alaska.

After the operation, she says, "The key to using the Healing Touch is not the technique discussed in the book. It's the opening of my heart," when she discovers she has the Healing Touch.

Valerie doesn't show any signs of fatigue after using her Healing Touch for the first time, nor does she faint from its usage at any point afterward. This shows that she is a very strong person, as Markus and Derek have both fainted on occasion as a result of using theirs. However, it is unknown if Valerie can use hers consecutively- Markus and Derek share a different type of Healing Touch and have demonstrated that fatigue comes from overuse.


  • Valerie was born in North Carolina, as revealed by Director Quatro when she and Markus first arrived at Caduceus.
  • According to her profile on the surgeon select screen, Valerie's birthday is October 2nd and she has type A blood.
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