"It hurts! Mom, Dad...H-Help me...!"

Veronica Cage is the victim that Naomi had to investigate in the episode "Wandering Girl".

Case FileEdit

Two months prior to the case, she was infected by the Rosalia Virus, and thus was prone to violent behavior. It's this behavior that led her to repeatedly assault her parents. Eventually, they locked her in her room, where she had a final attack of the virus, collapsing to the ground. She desperately tore at the locked door, calling for her parents.

Her parents were surprised to find her dead. Her mother cleaned the place to hide evidence that she was there (but failed to notice the earring that came off of Veronica while doing so), and her father drove to a bridge 8 kilometers away to dispose of Veronica's corpse. However, a truck was coming his way, and he dropped the body there and fled. Running over Veronica's legs, the driver panicked, thinking that he killed her, and threw her body into the river below, unknowingly completing her parents' plan.

One month later, Naomi solves this case, and confronts Veronica's parents, telling them how they defiled her death just to protect themselves. Her parents are presumably arrested after this.

As Naomi takes one last look at Veronica's room, she finds the word "Rosalia" written in blood under a flap of the wallpaper near the door. How Veronica learned of Rosalia's name wasn't cleared up, though it might be from the hallucinations or she heard about the Cumberland Incident. This is the same as the case of the Raging Bomber. Like the case with Dennis this scenario also suffers from a major plot hole. Naomi is able to solve the case by discovering the missing earring in a pile of glass shards in Veronica’s room. Given that a month had passed and the mother cleaned the room it’s highly improbable she would’ve left the pile of glass on the floor after sweeping it up. This is even more improbable considering that her father had just dumped her body on the highway. The parents would certainly have finished cleaning up the room.

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