Vitals at 99 as shown in Second Opinion.

"Vitals" is the broad term used to describe the patient's current state of health. If this number is ever allowed to drop below zero, the patient will die, and the operation will end in failure.

In some cases, the vitals have a cap and cannot exceed this limit (Under the Knife 2 indicates this with a blue bar on the Vitals gauge, New Blood indicates this with the blue/purple background of the Vitals gauge). However, if the patient's condition improves over the course of the operation, the vital cap may increase. An example of this is during a liver transplant - with each vessel connected the vitals cap increases.

Methods to Raise VitalsEdit

Methods to Stop/Delay Vitals DroppingEdit

  • Treat wounds, remove tumors
  • Use Valerie Blaylock's Healing Touch - While vitals cannot be raised while the Healing Touch is in effect, once it expires, vitals increase by 10.
  • Temporarily stop bleeding with antibiotic gel - this effect is most visible with lacerations in the first game.
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